Who is Loonie Louie? What can Loonie Louie do? Who has Loonie Louie worked for? See Loonie Louie in Action!

Looney Louie can offer a wide range of services. Generally, he spends about an hour and a half at each event and performs a show that lasts approximately 45 minutes and consists of a very funny and silly juggling routine and an even loonier magic show that includes loads of audience participation. Not only does Looney Louie bring up assistants from the audience, but if it's a birthday party the birthday child becomes the star of the show and even receives a special gift just for them.

After the show Looney is there to do balloons for all the kids and of course to sing happy birthday. While this show is ideal for kids ages 3 to 10, more than a few adults have been seen laughing and screaming through a Looney Louie show. Looney is also an expert balloon twister and sometimes includes a musical aspect to his show. He can also perform walk- around style entertainment including classic magic such as card tricks, coin tricks, and of course lots of comedy.

Looney Louie can speak fluent Spanish and French and often performs in Spanish in New York. He has performed in French and Italian while street performing throughout Europe and has performed informally in Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico. Needless to say, Looney Louie is very flexible and can use his skills to their best advantage to make your event a great success.

EMAIL LOONEY LOUIE: looneylouienyc@yahoo.com